Womenspire Passioners TALK by GE Women's Network

Womenspire Passioners TALK by GE Women's Network


2018-03-07 19:00

4BRO Downtown

Come and join an exciting journey into the world of General Electric's (GE) female corporate heroes, guided by GE Women's Network. An inspiring evening with real-life stories from women to everyone. This is WOMENSPIRE. # Zsoka Dioszegi as an ambassador of GE Digital HUB will use one of her passion, public speaking to share her story why she chose the field where she works now, and why other women can find their passion there, too. # Julia Sipeki’s goal is to attract, develop and inspire female professional talent as the co-leader of GE Women's Network. In her speech she will speak about her mission and the unique association which has already attracted 70.000 women globally. # Emilie Leruste is the leader of a team of 80+ people at GE Global Operations Europe, providing Financial Planning & Analysis from 9AM to 5PM every working day, and a mother of two from 5PM to 9PM and over the weekends. She will share her story how she lived and worked in 3 different continents, managed to build a new department while she was pregnant, and helped to raise 60,000 USD to build a school in Nicaragua. HOSTs: William Benko (founder of Speak Academy, former president of AmCham), Elian Ferreira (co-organizer of GE Passioners), Norbert Pusztai (founder of Passioners) Event is free thanks to GE Women's Network, but registration is required Limited seats: first come first serve (come early, registration doesn't guarantee your seat) Doors will be open from 6.30pm Registration: https://goo.gl/vEMoGy Women's Network provides professional development opportunities for women across 60 countries working at GE and to advance their career with events and scholarship programs. 70.000 participants | 160 hubs | since 1997 | 1M+ USD scholarship Passioners Hungary's mission is to inspire people to find meaning, mission, passion with TALK events, workshops and coaching.

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