Suicideboys in Budapest — Sold Out

Suicideboys in Budapest — Sold Out

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2018-02-03 19:00

Dürer Kert

$UICIDEBOY$ PRE-WORLD WAR III TOUR A Booking Machine és a Dürer Kert bemutatja: A $UICIDEBOY$ visszatér ötfejezetes sikersztorijuk, a frissen megjelent Kill Yourself Saga örvén, amellyel a New Orleans-i duó, vagyis Ruby Da Cherry és $crim egyre magasabbra mászik a hip-hop királyságában. Most, Budapestre érkezve pedig megmutatják azt a horrorisztikus esztétikai orgiát, amivel 2018-ban kívánják leigázni Európát. (Az eseményt 16 éven aluliak csak szülői felügyelettel látogathatják!) Booking Machine presents: The BOY$ are back in town! Following up the huge success of their freshly released 5 chapters of Kill Yourself Saga. The New Orleans duo of Ruby Da Cherry and $crim are climbing higher and conquering the kingdom of hip-hop with their upcoming collaboration with Juicy J. But they will take a break to return back to Europe in 2018 to continue the crusade and bring you some good raw vibes together with the horror aesthetics. Spread the word! Under 16's can enter with parents or official guardians. A parent or an official guardian must be present all along, has to have a ticket and can't leave without the minor. ⚠️ We do not advise you to buy second-hand tickets! Buying tickets from another person will not guarantee your entrance to the concert. Please use the official ticket platforms — links are above. Do not support the scammers. We will ban for any messages about buying/selling tickets.

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