Shijo X (IT) - Szimpla Kert

Shijo X (IT) - Szimpla Kert


2017-11-02 20:00

Szimpla Kert

Bolognából jön ez az alternatív poppot játszó csapat, akik példát mutatnak nekünk előadó művészetből és színvonalból. A koncertet élőben nézhetitek a Szimpla Music facebook oldalán is. The SHIJO X live show is an interesting trip between odd times and trip hop melodies. The show goes from delicate and sensitive songs to energetic and physical tracks where the rhythm is prevalent. One of the most interesting aspects of their live is the magistral fusion of electronic sounds and acoustic ones. Synths play a foundamental role. Carefully balanced, they give depth and help build a richer and more colorful performance. Everything is characterized by the voice of Laura Sinigaglia, with its wide range and warm tones. Capable of extreme softness and powerful heights the vocals guide the audience through the band's imaginative world. The tasteful choises of their last album, “Odd times”, are translated in a fascinating and engaging live show. The listener has to lose himself in different atmospheres without knowing what will happen at the beginning of any song.

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