Imitation - Szimpla Kert

Imitation - Szimpla Kert


2017-11-28 20:00

Szimpla Kert

Pápai Zsanett és Gödri Bulcsu duója ami egy izgalmas kitekintés, hiszen Zsanett ismert jazz énekes, aki most ebben a kísérletibb zenében fedezi fel a személyesebb hangvételt. A koncertet élőben nézhetitek a Szimpla Music facebook oldalán is. Weird pop, indie, art-pop, indietronica, electronic pop, jazz-pop, avantgarde, no style Imitation is an electropop duo from Pápai Zsanett and Gödri Bulcsu. The singer Zsanett is a well-known figure in the jazz scene, and yet her new project explores the territories of very distant styles, but still creates a coherent sound with her intimate, reflected and freewheeling singing. Bulcsu creates a unique musical universe with his detached, cold and quirky tones. They describe their music as weird pop and no style which reflects the formation’s uncompromising urge to express themselves without boundaries and to combine different genres like minimal electro, trip-hop, trash, avantgarde with a unique touch and poignant voice.

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