HERZ ≡ Metha x Akos Wex x Ruiz Sierra. ≡

HERZ ≡ Metha x Akos Wex x Ruiz Sierra. ≡


2017-09-28 23:00

Corvin Club

Here we go guys ! Erasmus Dark Rave pres: Let's gather around the best techno on a perfect sound system. We are waiting for you ! ♥ ------------------------------------------------------------- ► Line-up : Main Hall : ● Gustave (France) : Techno to Industrial techno ● Rollier (Turkey) : Melodical Techno Corvin Bar (HERZ) ● Metha ● Ruiz Sierra ● Akos Wex -------------------------------------------------------------- ► Entrance : 1000 forints ≡ HERZ event focuses on melody and rhythm on fat bass and vivid sound design and is a truly captivating journey through the mind, music, body and soul of one of dance music’s truly modern greats. Electronic music doesn’t really have borders! + 18 line up: Akos Wex Ruiz Sierra Metha entry: 600 Ft (2 euro) VJ: more info soon sponsored by Adidas_hu ALLEN & HEATH XONE KORG burn Funzine #seeyouthere

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