Gothic Katarsis: She Past Away | Orchidée NOIRE - Bleib Modern

Gothic Katarsis: She Past Away | Orchidée NOIRE - Bleib Modern


2017-10-21 20:00


The event will be POSTPONED Gothic Katarsis: She Past Away | Orchidée NOIRE | Bleib Modern live She Past Away (TR) A zenekar az utóbbi években a dark/gothic műfaj egyik megkerülhetetlen csapatává érett. Olyan lökést adott e banda a műfajnak, mint a stílus megjelenésének hajnalán sok mára világhírű együttes. Nem is távolodtak el az old school hangzástól, de 21. századi köntösbe öltöztették. Zenéjük friss, nem a megszokott klisék mentén próbál megvenni minket, ugyanakkor tisztelettel adózik a műfajteremtő zenekarok felé is. A DARK WAVE irányt kedvelők mellett, a SYNTH WAVE, a MINIMAL WAVE, az INDIE és a POST-PUNK rajongók, általában az elégikusabb underground zenéket kedvelők számára is mutathat újat. Markáns basszuskiemelések, ridegnek ható szinti alapok, lüktetés, a műfajt jellemző szomorkás, mégis reményt keltő hangulatok állnak a központban. (Lilian Goth) She Past Away has become one of the most notable dark/gothic bands recently. This group gave such a vibe to the scene as now world famous bands did back at the begginings. They maintain old school sounding yet in a 21 century form. Their music is non-cliché but still carries on traditions of genre-making bands. They can show something new to fans of DARKWAVE, SYNTH WAVE, MINIMAL WAVE, INDIE, POST-PUNK and overall to lovers of elegiac underground music. Strong bass lines, rigid sounding synth bases, pulsation, melancolic yet hopeful atmospheres are the keys to their work. (Lilian Goth) *** ORCHIDÉE NOIRE is Xavier Soquet’s musical project since 2011. Wavering between minimal and cold wave, his compositions evoke landscapes devoured by melancholy. ORCHIDÉE NOIRE has a poetic soul and his deep and eloquent voice unveils a dark and delicately crafted writing. Images and feelings pass by, illusions slide, fears drown. His debut EP « Insomnie faire » lighted up the year 2015 with an enigmatic atmosphere, this release taking on an air of fantastic torments during a recent series of shows in France and Europe. * Bleib Modern Post punk / cold wave Third Coming Records ( Paris,FR ), feb 2017: ''After relentlessly touring around Europe the past couple of years, they took a break in Berlin to lay down what was to become their most mature and fascinating record so far, Antagonism. A true sonic assault at the service of a bleak sensibility. Amongst the expected throbbing shoegaze hymns, a craft that they have been perfecting since their debut. By shaping a new and more solar sound, the band shows themselves ready to take over a new and wider audience. Bleib Modern finally opened their wings (but got burnt aiming at the sun). To File Under: The Underground Youth, The Blue Angel Lounge, A Place To Bury Strangers, The Kvb, The Cure, Ritual Howls...'' *** Totally Tot: LEBANON HANOVER and HAPAX (IT) LIVE IN BUDAPEST SEPT. 16.:

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