Breakbeat Massive Records NIght x Frame

Breakbeat Massive Records NIght x Frame


2017-08-26 22:00

Fogas Ház

FB: We miss the beatbreak we fell in love with at the time, and because of which breakbeat was equal to quality underground music. The Breakbeat Massive records tries to fill this void we miss so much! The Breakbeat Massive is a extremely popular party series that was first introduced 13 years ago in Budapest. It hosted the greatest names from the glorious era of breakbeat: HYBRID UNKLE ( James Lavelle) ELITE FORCE MEAT KATIE ZODIAC CARTEL KRAFTY KUTS MIKE HULME EVIL NINE HEDFLUX LADY WAKS ACCESS DENIED MARTEN HORGER LOOPS OF FURY REKTHORDZ SAM HELL KOMA&BONES FINE CUT BODIES LUDMILLA CIRCUIT BREAKER KICKFLIP JHZ AMB BEAT ASSASSINT demo/promo:

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