▩ LÄRM ▩ Crisis ▩ ▩ Ozel AB - live (UK) ▩

▩ LÄRM ▩ Crisis ▩ ▩ Ozel AB - live (UK) ▩


2017-08-26 23:00

Fogas Ház

▩ LINEUP Ozel AB live (Workshop Records, Lobster Theremin – UK) Imre Kiss (Crisis) S Olbricht (Crisis) Yinna (Farbwechsel) ▩ INFO London based producer Ozel AB has left a significant impact since his debut on Lobster Theremin back in 2014. With each of his releases showcasing his broad sonic palette, ranging from his distinctive style of dubby and ambient deep house to his raw and industrial tripped out techno on the LT black label series. His production duties recently attracted the attention of cult favourites Workshop Records, who selected him for their Workshop 24 release. His dynamic live sets are testament to his versatility in sound. RA EVENT: www.residentadvisor.net/events/1004329 ▩ ENTRY 1500 HUF

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